Urban Design

High quality urban design is a prerequisite of the planning process with increased emphasis on design a key national policy in the UK.  Good design creates successful places in social, economic and environmental terms and early consideration of design principles can add financial value to prospective development projects.

The Clarendon team have a strong grounding in urban design principles and can provide a variety of services to landowners and developers to assist in both achieving planning approval and successful projects.  Services include:

  • Urban Design appraisal, analysis and assessment provides background justification for design proposals and can provide better understanding of proposals for planners and local communities.
  • Design Frameworks, Masterplans and Briefs provide visual communication of how a place can be developed at varying scales, outlining key principles and indicative design for streets, spaces and built form.  Frameworks can demonstrate broad design concepts for a larger area, Masterplans can provide more detail in terms of site layout and Briefs can act as design guides for smaller sites or plots.
  • Detailed site layout design for housing or mixed-use proposals.
  • Design Statements, as required by planning policy to support major planning applications.
  • Assessment of existing proposals can improve planning prospects and add financial value.


Value to Client

Urban design analysis and visual communication of development proposals through development frameworks, masterplans and briefs can add value by ensuring better understanding of proposals by local authorities and key stakeholders, thereby assisting in delivering approvals and thereafter well-designed places with a financial return premium.