Site Identification

Our services include the identification of both on and off market development opportunities within the desired geographical area(s), of a scale specified by the Client. We can assist to locate a broad range of sites from those suited to the development of individual properties through to sites suited to larger scale commercial or residential development.

An initial meeting would be held with the Client to obtain a full understanding of their requirements in terms of location, size, timescale and end use. Following site identification, our Report would cover the following areas:-

  • Plan showing the area over which the search took place.
  • A Plan showing the site(s) identified.
  • A review of the Development Plan status pertaining to the site(s)
  • A review of relevant Local, Regional and National Government policy pertaining to the site(s)
  • An appraisal of the site(s), including policy, constraints and other material considerations.
  • Recommendations for pursuing the site(s) through the planning process either by planning application or promotion within the Development Plan Process.
  • An outline of the timescales for relative delivery.

Land Ownership Saturation Surveys

Our services include the examination of an identified geographical area to establish land and property ownership information, with a view to the identification of opportunities for development which meet the needs of the Client in terms of location and scale.

We would hold in initial meeting with the Client to obtain a full understanding of their requirements in terms of geographical location, scale and the nature of the development proposed. Our Report would include:-

  • Plan showing the area over which the site search took place.
  • A Plan showing relevant land or properties lying within the area of search, together with full ownership details.
  • Information on whether any areas of land or properties are already committed to future development.

Option Agreements

Following a Site Appraisal, a Landowner or Developer Client may wish to consider entering into an Option Agreement on a medium or longer term basis to secure the opportunity to develop the land. We can act as an intermediary in negotiations.

Typically, the Developer will make an upfront ‘deposit’ payment to the Landowner, and thereafter will make periodic payments to retain the land ‘under option’. The Developer would normally purchase the land at a negotiated value upon the ‘purification’ of certain conditions, such as obtaining planning consent and being satisfied that the land can be adequately serviced. A wide range of Option Agreement terms can be negotiated to suit the particular Developer and Landowner in question.

As well as advising on the most appropriate structure of an Option Agreement, we can advise on suitable terms which meet the needs of the Client in terms of the spread of financial commitment throughout the period and the timescales involved in the promotion of the site within the Development Plan process.

Value to Client

We will tailor our market knowledge to meet the Client’s specified needs. We have an extensive range of contacts in the Development Industry, including landowners, housebuilders, solicitors, architects, engineers and companies specialising in site identification. We can therefore provide exposure to a significant number of opportunities on an ongoing basis. The Client is provided with an overview of the development potential for a geographical area and a focussed understanding of the planning prospects for the site(s).

The process of obtaining full ownership information over a geographical area can be time consuming and detract from a Client’s main development focus. We are able to undertake this important information gathering exercise for the Client within their chosen geographical area(s).

We can advise on the structure of Option Agreements, employing our knowledge and expertise of a broad range of ways in which such Agreements can be configured. We can advise on the structure which we consider to be the most appropriate for the Client’s situation and aspirations.  For a Landowner, Option payments can serve to augment income from land, which can remain in its current use whilst planning is being progressed.