Development Plans

Strategic Development Planning

Where a site, commonly Greenfield, is owned or controlled, which is not allocated in the Development Plan for the proposed development, it is necessary to implement a range of pro-active measures to promote it through the Development Plan review process. It is essential to engage with the prescribed framework within which Development Plans are statutorily reviewed, and to meet the consultation and response deadlines applicable.

Representations (also referred to as objections or submissions) will be made on behalf of the Client within the framework of the Development Plan review process at each opportunity. Representations will refer to National, Regional and Local policy and site specific Material Considerations in their provision of a vigorous argument for the site to be allocated for the proposed development.

Value to Client

The Planning system is a ‘Development Plan led’ system. This means that planning applications are determined in accordance with Development Plans, unless material considerations determine otherwise.

It is essential, therefore, in bringing sites forward for development in the planning system, that opportunities for promotion are fully realised in the Development Plan review process, with a view to securing an allocation in the Development Plan for the proposed development.